Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life?  Wanted to do things differently, but just didn’t know where to start? 


Have you ever felt that you were no longer in control of your emotions…or that life was just spinning out control?  Ever feel like you just need a dose of HAPPY??


Being a Life Speaker, Author, Visionary Strategist and the founder of the Women’s Empowerment Organization, The PowHERful Woman, I understand the importance of speaking life into yourself and life’s circumstances.

I created the 70 Days of Happy Breakthrough Bundle as a reminder that happiness is a personal choice and YOU have the power to make your life what you desire; to become the person that you were created to be.


70 Days of Happy Breakthrough Bundle is an intimate and reflective journey of self, designed to strengthen personal growth, while illustrating how to reclaim what life’s circumstances or others may have unjustly snatched away, positioning yourself to walk in the purpose that has been specifically designed for you!


70 Days of Happy Breakthrough Bundle will remind you of how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, while encouraging you to press forward when life’s struggles are pinning you down.

You do not have to give over your right of happiness to negativity or to those who choose to participate in it.  You can be the thermostat of your environment.


The Happy Breakthrough Bundle will guide you in recognizing when to remove yourself from potentially toxic situations and how to keep your “happy” even when others don’t.


Get to know yourself and your heart, as you answer questions that will make you dig deeper into discovery of self!

Here’s what people are saying about 70 Days of Happy:


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's filled with inspirational thoughts and suggestions to keep you in a positive mindset. I appreciated the author for being so candid and sharing her personal stories - especially Day #22 which encourages readers to Release Resentment. I ended up reading one section a day for 70 days and actually found myself smiling as I did. 70 Days of Happy definitely delivers on what it promises.” 


Grab your Happy Breakthrough Bundle and receive a FREE 30min PowHER Strategy Call with ME…Shelley Meche’tte.  We will design a personalized 3-Step system to position yourself to walk into your PURPOSE!


So Grab your 70 Days of Happy Breakthrough Bundle and then schedule your FREE 30min PowHER Strategy Call TODAY!



This book is absolutely mandatory for those who want to make improvements in their life. I loved the fact that it went past the typical "30 days" that most books tend to offer.  

Kiaundra Jackson- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

This book is an absolute must read for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life!  

Nikola Ahaiwe- Marketing Strategist/Author

This book is a MUST READ! My life has definitely changed for the better after practicing these principles. The book is an easy read, practical, and deep. You will not be disapointed!

Amazon Customer  

This book is good for the soul!

Amazon Customer 

The PowHERful Woman Conference

I loved it. Instead of annually, you should do this every 6 months! I received so much info and I plan to share it with others.

TPW Guest 

I am so glad I attended. I am truly humbled by this conference. I will take everything from every Speaker and apply it to my own life. I will keep this momentum going.

TPW Guest

Thank you so very much for putting this together Shelley.  It really touched my heart.

TPW Guest

Great job. The conference was truly empowering!

TPW Guest


Shelley is amazing! She has spoken life into me when I felt at my lowest and continues to uplift women in the same situations. It's not for show, but from her heart. She speaks from experience which makes her a testimony and a PowHERful woman. I'm touched from every encounter.

Natasha Lambert - Behavior Analysis

Shelley has played a pivitol role in my success. She is great at pulling out the very best in people; encouraging them to live their best life. Whenever I work with Shelley, she takes a unique hands on approah that speaks to both my personal and professional development goals

Brittney Carter - Founder/CEO QUE-UE Inc.

After seeing Shelley Meche’tte present at several events I can say she embraces each project as if nothing else matters. She has the ability to discuss serious issues with her engaging style and candor, allowing the audience to leave feeling reflective and energized.

Rashunda Rene - Executive Director C.U.S.P. Inc.